Cfsl artbook 05/ Digital Master vol6

Hi folks!

A bit of promotion today : ]

I m featured in CFSL artbook 05!

An amazing book of 300 pages with a lot of talented artistfrom the community. They help me a lot to find my way as an illustrator and I meet a lot of amazing people there to the point some are really close friends now Paul Chadeisson, Anthony Wolf, Olgenki Leo Lafarges, Made... they are to manyof them! And a special thanks to Mathias Verhasselt (bigup!) who help me to take the right decision to leave my graphic design school 4 years ago now :]

Here is the link

I'll also be featured in the coming 3D totals artbook "digital master vol 6". I have done a tutorial for a picture I did some time ago. Some really amazing artists are featured as well like ruanjia (this guy is just a god!!!)

If you pre order it you will get a card game as a bonus :]

Here is the link to pre order it:

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0981 said...


ton travail est assez impressionnant, ça fait un moment que je suis c'que tu fais et j'suis jamais déçu ^^

Et surtout, j'voulais te dire que j'ai bien aimé ton petit texte dans l'artbook, j'adhère bien à cette vision des choses :)